Elsley Ensembles
Elsley Ensembles - Music for special moments


Music fashion is constantly evolving. Background Music must also evolve in instrumental combinations and score arrangements to capture both the modern styles and classic finesse. Our company is popular with Generation X and Generation Y because our ensemble sounds are cool contemporary blended with virtuosic classic string technique.


String Quartets

  • 2 Violins/Guitar/Double Bass
  • 2 Violins/Cello/Double Bass
  • 2 Violins/Viola/Cello


String Trios

  • 2 Violins/Double Bass
  • Violin/Guitar/Double Bass
  • 2 Violins/Cello



  • Violin/Guitar
  • Violin/Cello
  • Violin/Accordion (themed events)
  • Violin/Piano man style



  • Solo strolling Violinist


Please contact us about our competitive fees.


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